Workshops and Presentations

Fall 2016

 Poetry of the Other

Monday nights, 6-8:00 p. m.
Dates: Sept. 19, 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, Nov. 14
Cost: $225

There are many ways to define “the other” and probably the least challenging but most obvious results in the persona poem.  But this delving into “the other” causes other questions to come to the fore, such as how many personas does each poet have within his/her writing psyche, who or what is truly “the other,” what is the proper use of imagination and other types of dream states when creating personas or recording what personas tell us.  Is every poem a persona poem?

This class will focus on various types of writing from within the perspective of “others.”  Examples in contemporary writing will vary from the perspective of Mick Jagger’s penis to other less familiar vessels of the sublime power that is poetry. 

Location: Montrose-area bungalow  
Please review the cell phone policy below.

Nuts and Bolts of Registration                  
To register, please mail a check for the tuition to S. Cortez, POB 980579, Houston, TX 77098-0579. 
Please email me if you wish to register for a course or have any questions. (cortez dot sarah at gmail dot com)

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Cell Phone Policy:  Due to the intimate nature of a small workshop, all cell phones/pagers must be turned completely off during class. (You may wish to check your phone or return calls during the breaks.)  Please give yourself, your fellow students, and your teacher the great gift of uninterrupted creative time.