Tired, Hungry, Standing in One Spot for Twelve Hours
Essential Cop Essays

Essential Cop Essays by Sarah Cortez is a must read for all police officers. Written with humor and pathos, the readers will remember their own journey through the wild ride of a police officer’s life. Once started, I found this book difficult to put down, reading well into the night. I personally revisited my own journey and felt as if Cortez was not only writing her story, but mine as well. A thoroughly enjoyable, realistic book that was a joy to read. I can highly recommend this journal of what it is really like to be a cop.
— John Schembra - Retired police sergeant - award-winning author of five mystery/thrillers
Winner in NFPW’s National Communications Contest, 2019 Third in Nonfiction Books for Adult Readers - Biography

Winner in NFPW’s National Communications Contest, 2019 Third in Nonfiction Books for Adult Readers - Biography

“More than twenty years ago, I left a flourishing corporate career to strap on a gun, wear a badge, and police the streets.  Transitioning from Italian high heels and a gleaming high-rise to the interior of a low-bid, threadbare Crown Victoria was exactly what I wanted—and had eagerly anticipated.  The price was high—a radical pay cut, a divorce, loss of social status—but not unexpected.  It is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

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Joining the ranks of the Thin Blue Line was a decision that author-cop and Rice graduate Sarah Cortez has never regretted.  Now, after 24 years of experience in both state and county agencies, she brings every reader inside the police car with her and into havoc of street policing.

From Altruistic Rookie to Hardened Veteran.

In Tired, Hungry, Standing in One Spot for Twelve Hours:  Essential Cop Essays, Ms. Cortez leads us from her unsettling decision to change almost her entire life, leaving behind successful corporate America and entering the Police Academy—a decision based in part on the need to find greater satisfaction from the intrinsic value of her work.  Likely she aced the academic part of the training, but even the realities of dirty lavatories, uncompromising instructors and Houston’s mean, sweaty streets did not make her think twice about her decision.  The essays share her path from the altruistic rookie to hardened veteran.  Even as that path grew to include a successful editing and writing career, she still works in street policing.  The cynical veteran’s view makes her job of law enforcement more effective.  And the skills of policing:  observation, clear-thinking, attention to detail, make her a better writer and editor. 

In my 25 years of law enforcement service, I have come to recognize true knowledge in law enforcement, and Mrs. Cortez’s writing is definitely “the real deal.”
— Assistant Chief Kenneth Key Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office
Cortez has caught the essence of what it means to be a police officer with its “endless boredoms and dirt . . . its tiny, stark terrors” and the “hidden rewards of intense camaraderie, sense of mission, and the fulfillments of justice and duty.” She has explained the unexplainable in a fascinating read without flinching and with the eye of a poet.
— T.K. Thorne, retired police captain and award-winning author of “Angels at the Gate”
Cortez’ writing will resonate with law enforcement professionals—from the adrenaline-inspiring memories of the police academy to the everyday chaotic scenes of crime-fighting. The best features of her writing are her authentic voice, her passion about the “calling” of police work, and the concise language she utilizes—as only a gifted writer can. This book is a good reminder to all of us of why we wanted to be police officers in the first place.
— Lt. Betsy Randolph, Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Tired, Hungry, Standing in One Spot for Twelve Hours: Essential Cop Essays transports her readers into the world of law enforcement. A veteran police office, Cortez has spent 24 years in law enforcement working everything from undercover assignments to sexual assault investigations and crime prevention. Cortez is a Councilor of Texas Institute of Letters whose poems, essays and short stories have been published in numerous journals and magazines.
— JoAnn Holt, Focus Daily News

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