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For her book, Vanishing Points: Poems and Photographs of Texas Roadside Memorials,  (Texas Review Press, 2016), Sarah Cortez is: Winner Press Women of Texas 2016 Award for Editing
Winner - National Federation of Press Women 2016 Award for Editing

About Editing

Your vision is what determines your writing.  My job is to help you articulate your vision.   As an editor, I understand what the problems are and give options for fixing them.

My goal is to help you achieve a publishable project.  My feedback will help your manuscript reach a masterful level of coherence, pacing, tone, word choice, and readability based on the expectations of the publishing industry and the reading public.

I work with writers of all levels on all types of projects.


"I have edited fiction both literary and genre, e.g.  mystery, crime, and young adult novels and short stories.  I have also edited creative nonfiction, specializing in memoir.  I have edited poetry, both entire manuscripts and individual poems.  My experience in the business and non-profit worlds has served to give me the background to write and/or edit business publications, as well as fund-raising brochures and letters.  I also edit book proposals, query letters, synopses, and other projects related to the publishing world.

Editing demands an ability to see both form and content in a piece, while ensuring that all components accomplish the expectations of the genre in appropriate language.  An editor must not only be able to understand the writer's vision, but also be able to articulate to the writer what the problems are and give options for fixing them.  It is satisfying to know that writers whose work I have edited say I'm one of the best editors they have worked with professionally.

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