I’ve been fortunate in my working life to enjoy several significant careers:  consultant with a Big Eight Accounting firm, high school teacher and soccer coach, patrol police officer, university professor, poet, fiction and non-fiction writer, editor of award-winning anthologies.  I’ve loved all these careers, learned from them all, and I continue to benefit from the valuable lessons I learned along the way.

As your consultant, I can help you apply the lessons I have learned so you don’t have to spend your precious writing time doing research.  Detailed below are some of my areas of expertise.  Send an inquiry if you don’t see your area mentioned.

Let’s discuss how I can save your valuable time.

The Publishing Industry

Looking for an independent, informed opinion on important decisions for your writing/publishing career?

I can consult with you on these questions:
* do I need an agent?
* what are the pros and cons of self-publishing?
* how do I tell if I have a series character or a stand-alone novel?
* what is a query?
* how and when do I write a book proposal?
* what are the real markers of a good fit with a publisher/agent/co-author/co-editor?
* how do I evaluate different self-publishing programs?
* what genre best fits my style?
* what is my next “best” career move for my writing career?
* how can I tell if my novel is more appropriately middle-grade or young-adult?
* how do I build a platform?  What is a platform and why is it important to a writer?
* how do I effectively market my book?
* other (as suits your needs)  Please query.

Policing Details for Your Fiction

For more than 20 years, I’ve worked as a police officer.   I’ve interacted with EMS, fire departments, and federal and county agencies.

When your manuscript needs to reflect the “real world”, I can bring that to you without hours of research on your part that still may not provide the appropriate details. 

I needed to get the murder details right and Sarah provided clear answers to my questions, which I was then able to apply to my book. She also offered valuable information about medical examiners. Consulting her was the best way to go, as I saved hours of research. There are many police procedural books out there, but few will completely address the issues which are specific to your book. She certainly surpassed my expectations and I plan to use her services again when needed. I highly recommend her expertise.
— Mayra Calvani, author,

Consulting Fees

Please query me with your questions and the scope of your project.  I’ll respond with a proposed budget of hours and/or a telephone call to ask more questions so that I can give you a realistic bid.  Click here to contact me. 

Please note that there is a minimum two-hour requirement for my consulting time.

Call me at (713) 331-9342, or email me by clicking here. Thanks.