Scrapbook of Mexico

Featuring photos new and vintage from some of the poets of Goodbye, Mexico: Poems of Remembrance

Poets are listed in alpha order by last name.

Anhalt, Diana

Xochimilco, 1956. Diana Anhalt, 2nd from right with her grandfather, Morris Zukovsky, her mother, Belle Zykofsky, her brother Paul and her sister, Judith. In the background an unknown boatman.

Bertrand-Gonzales, Diane

Sarah Cortez and Diane in Delores Hidalgo, 2003.

Birkelbach, Alan

This is an interior shot of The Temple of The Seven Dolls in Dzibilchaltún.  One of my favorite places in Mexico.

Bradley, Jerry

Ilsa Mujeres 2010 and 2013

Cadena, Agustin

Agustin Cadena in Mexico

Carl-Klassen, Abigail

Two of the photos are of my husband and I riding the Chepe train from Chihuahua to the Pacific on our honeymoon in 2010.  The other two photos are from Xonacatlan, Estado de Mexico in the summer of 2006, celebrating the completion of an English course at the Casa de Plastilina Community Center and enjoying the view just outside of town.

Craven, Sherry

Hand-painted post cards purchased in Mexico, 1959

Daniels, JIm

Flannery, Maureen

Jones, Lois P.

Poetry Week in San Miguel

I've taken workshops at San Miguel for five years and despite all the violence, poets and artists still find their way to this beautiful jewel, now a World Heritage Site to celebrate some of the best of Mexico still available to us.

Ludwin, Peter

At San Miguel de Allende

Mariani, Paul

morton, karla k

Punta Mita, 2014

O'Luanaigh, Erin

A collage of postcards and snapshots from my grandparents' trips to Mexico.

Seale, Jan

Welch, Germaine

Circa 1989-1990.  Tijuana, Mexico.  Under the LOVE YOU hat is my wonderfully unique Aunt, Adele Lines.