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My Services

Detailed below are my services that are available to your organization through the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster.   To the fee will be added applicable expenses for travel and lodging.  I will provide that information back to you after you complete the Request for Quotation.

You may select one or more activities, and those activities may be spread over time, and still be covered by the same application and grant.  Examples:  If you want to sponsor a creative writing series for all ages, you may select all four of the workshops and program them for each Saturday during a month.  Or, you many want a full day program and select a workshop for a morning and a reading for the afternoon.  You may complete one application for multiple services provided by the same Touring Roster Member.

Title:  Your Life, Your Story, Your Truth

Description:  Young authors often possess amazing capacities for self-observation, for questions, and, for humor—among other skills.  This writing workshop engages teens (or adults) in recording details of their lives, carefully seeded with deeper musing and self-articulation of identity.  This workshop is appropriate for high school students to adult learners.

Title:  The Circle Poem:  Fostering Young Writers

Description:  The Circle Poem accomplishes it all: building community, encouraging creativity in a non-threatening way, and allowing the excitement of a group working together.  This writing workshop build bridges through the fun of high-level engagement with each student’s imagination and contribution.  This workshop is appropriate for middle-grade through high school students.

Title:  Let’s Write a Mystery

Description:  Initial explanation and examples of the mystery story’s basic elements will allow students to write a short mystery of their very own during class.  Since debuted for the National Council of Teachers of English, this has been one of Ms. Cortez’s most popular school-visit requests.  This workshop is appropriate for middle-grade through high school students, and adult learners.

Title:  You Said What??!!  Avoiding the Most Common Errors in Writing Fictional Dialogue

Description:  Dialogue on the written page must fulfill different criteria than spoken dialogue in daily life.  Learn the tricks that will enable you to master effective dialogue when you write.  This workshop is appropriate for adult learners.

Title:  Game On!!  Using Poetic Technique to Enhance Storytelling

Description:  Learn how to translate the best of what poets do in their writing, then transfer these tricks into your own prose writing.  Examples from contemporary fiction writers, both literary and popular, reinforce the concepts.  This workshop is appropriate for adult learners.

Title:  ABCs of Writing Aliens, Beasts, Critters

In this workshop, popular fiction writer Sarah Cortez will lead participants in specific exercises making it—quick as a flash—to create imaginary critters for fiction, particularly fantasy fiction.  This workshop is appropriate for all ages of writer. Requirements: an active imagination!

Applicable to all workshops

  • All workshops may be structured as a one-hour class (with a three-class maximum booking per day) or as a half-day (3 ½ hours) workshop for one group of students.

  • Fees range from $250/classroom visit to $350/classroom visit.

  • Half-day (3 ½ hours teaching) intensive writing workshop for one group of students is $650; full-day (6 hours teaching) intensive writing workshop for one group of students is $850.

  • Handouts are provided.

  • NOTE: the above fees do not include travel, per diem or accommodations.

Poetry/Memoir/Fiction Readings

Sarah Cortez is available for poetry readings from any of her books of poetry, or the poetry anthologies she has edited: Goodbye, Mexico: Poems of Remembrance (Texas Review Press, 2014), or Vanishing Points:  Poems and Photographs of Texas Roadside Memorials (Texas Review Press, 2016)

Ms. Cortez will be delighted to work with the presenting organization to select poems appropriate to age levels and audience interests.  Q&A is anticipated and encouraged before each book signing after the reading.

Sarah Cortez is also available for memoir readings from her multi-generational memoir, Walking Home: Growing Up Hispanic in Houston, which focuses on her farming and shrimping families in Texas and their rich heritage of faith, hard work, and public service.  Ms. Cortez can also read from her riveting memoir of street policing, Tired, Hungry, Standing in One Place for Twelve Hours:  Essential Cop Essays.

Sarah Cortez’s short fiction, culled from the noir streets of Houston, is also available for fiction readings and discussion.  Anthologies and journals where her fiction has been published are available for signing and sale.

Fees range from $300/reading to $500/reading.

NOTE: the above fees do not include travel, per diem or accommodations.

If you need information about these workshops and presentations call me at (713) 331-9342, or email me by clicking here. Thanks.