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Once we have finalized your request for a quote, I will prepare an agreement for our signatures.  You can use this document to apply to TCA for an Arts Respond Performance Support grant that can cover up to 50% of my fees and expenses.  Here is how the agreement will look:

Sample Agreement

This agreement is between Sarah Cortez Consulting LLC and (name and address of your organization goes here), dated (date of the agreement goes here). 

Your agreement is to pay Sarah Cortez Consulting LLC in full for her services.  This agreement is for the purpose of hiring Sarah Cortez, who will provide the services of only herself as an artist.  Thus, only one artist on the TCA Touring Roster will be hired under the terms of this agreement.

As part of the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster (TCA), you may apply for part of Sarah Cortez’s fees and expenses to be reimbursed to you through an Arts Respond Performance Support grant. 

Services, fees and dates

(List of services with the applicable fees and dates goes here)

(List of travel and lodging reimbursements goes here)

Your responsibilities:

* To provide venue, audience, and publicity for the event as scheduled

* To apply to TCA for your grant once this agreement has been co-signed

* To pay Sarah Cortez Consulting LLC upon completion of the performance, following receipt of the invoice.

* To communicate to TCA that the services have been performed as agreed.

Sarah Cortez Consulting LLC's responsibilities:

* To appear on the date(s) agreed and perform the services agreed in a professional manner.

* To invoice your organization as quickly as possibly upon completion of the event so that you may seek reimbursement through the grant, if your application was approved by TCA.

* To communicate with TCA that the serviced have been performed as agreed.

Agreed and accepted:

Name of organization and legal address goes here:

By:  (Name of signer goes here)



Sarah Cortez Consulting LLC